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Tesla's Neighbour×

70 years before the world knew his name - Nikola Tesla was a hero in the rugged region of Lika, Croatia. One of his admirers, Baka Marija, grew up down the road from Tesla's house.

Bilja, a young inventor (who happens to be Marija's granddaughter) - obsesses over Tesla's life and one invention in particular - a device that could make her grandmother less... vindictive.

September 9, 1944 - its significance, you may ask? It may be the key to a major shift in perspective.

Sifting through Tesla's many patents, Bilja discovers a tiny hand-written message from him! For her? But he died 50 years before she was born! Bilja's objective suddenly becomes clear...

The Iris Odyssey

Growing Iris×

Her past confronted, her flops exposed, she needs her luck to change. Iris Peacock is a stagnant actor temping at a law firm to get by. She's stuck, and needs to get her nerve back.

When Kal Mulgrew (her former stage director) suddenly appears at the office, Iris is compelled by an otherworldly impulse to take action by filming a guerilla-style documentary - Desperate: What it Took to Land a Part.

The shoot places Iris and her fellow thespians in a risky situation fraught with lust, change, and prosciutto.

Budding Iris×

Welcome to Iris Peacock's world - where the metaphysical is part of every day. A former fledgling thespian and current barista, Iris believes she can break into film with a little help from two Jane Shores and a Nicholas Rowe. For Iris, the ingredients of inspiration are: tequila, bold women, YouTube and the heart of Vancouver's West End.

But will anyone take her seriously? If she sported a beard, would that help? With history prodding her - she goes to the Nine O'clock Gun in Stanley Park and meets eccentric characters from the theatrical past.

Blossoming Iris×

Iris Peacock ISN'T...

She isn't being evicted or sued, isn't a refugee- a recluse, a thief, a musician, a mechanic, a pirate or a dental hygienist.
She doesn't have rabies, shingles or ingrown toenails. But she is a free-thinking, unfiltered, unrelenting young woman who strives to be all-powerful!
At least... noticed.
And in her more philosophical moments... Iris sees her life as a mighty oak - ready to climb.
'Dodge those acorns, don't snap that branch and avoid plummeting to the ground!'
Iris reaches for her best view, still dangling on a limb.


Who's Afraid of Learning Violin? ×

Any hands in the air? Yes?
Follow Cleo, from 6-10 years old, as she learns to play violin (while her mom sweats to keep up). Well, first the daughter, Cleo, begins lessons. Then mom (the author) starts playing 6 months later as a motivational ploy.
The goal? Transform the daughter into a skilled violinist and the mom into a competent one. And, most importantly, play a duet in front of a large audience (or a few old ladies).
A tale of learning, pushing, pulling, crying, laughing, shouting, hugging – a blend of it all – in the name of conquering the violin.

❨Filled with mom’s notes taken during classes, a peek into 4 years of the learning process.❳


The Organized Bohemian


Performance Pieces

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Cars v Pedestrian

Simone Says

Simone de Beauvoir, Sartre et al

The Block

Writing block?

The Blue Apple

Frida Kahlo, a passionate artist

Creative Entrepreneur

Self-Publishing Skills

Flexible, adaptable.

Organizing, Planning, Communicating


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